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Make sure you watch this video right to the end and make sure your sound is turned on...

Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton & The Awakening University Presents...

Video: Scientific Breakthrough Leaves Scientists Speechless—Every Cell in Your Body is a Fractal Antenna, and Human Emotions Reshape DNA INSIDE and OUTSIDE the Body. Harness the Cosmic Connection (Through Electromagnetic Fields) and Unlock the Power to Consciously Shape Humanity's Evolution!

Discover the Hidden Secrets of Your Biology, Emotions, and Consciousness That Will Make You Healthier, Wealthier, and More Powerful Than You Ever Thought Possible—There's a New Way of Understanding Our Place in This Cosmically Connected Universe. Soon, you'll experience these profound truths firsthand in the remarkable 2-DAY 🔴LIVE ONLINE workshop with Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton!

for Gregg Braden's and Bruce Lipton's 2-DAY LIVE ONLINE workshop, from Denver, Colorado, on August 24 & 25. Watch it on your computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world, with 12-month replay access.

Here's What You'll Learn...

Imagine a Reality Where Your Consciousness Directly Shapes Every Aspect of Your Existence to Empower Humanity and Shape Your Destiny!

Are you merely observing, or actively shaping the future of your evolution?

Think about it…

While one person might gain access to the internet and fall into a cycle of doomscrolling, becoming wrapped up in political theater designed to keep them constantly stressed out and more easily controlled, slowly falling to despair and self-pity...

…Another person might gain access to the internet and use it to create MASSIVE wealth and prosperity, performing incredible acts of charity on a global level, and uplifting the hearts and minds of every person they touch.

But the internet is only a vast network of information, exactly like the biofield. The difference between these two extremes relies on the choices and consciousness of the individual, and whether they realize a fundamental truth:

If there is one takeaway that you should get from this video, this is it.

We are both in complete control of our lives, and cosmically connected through consciousness itself.

If you can learn to take conscious control over your own evolution, then there’s never been a better, more empowering time to be alive.

The life of your dreams is within your reach, but only if you’re armed with the knowledge and awareness you need to realize it… the map that will get you where you want to go.

Would you go on a cross country voyage without a map? You’d get completely lost… even if part of this map involves learning to dramatically heighten your intuition to levels most people think is superhuman.

The key lies in the knowledge and the wisdom of the brilliant people who have come before us, and who have already traveled the path we want to take.

We must learn from people who have already learned how to consciously control their own spiritual and physical evolution.

This is why we’ve brought together some of the most profound teachers and visionaries...

And on
August 24th and 25th, Gregg and Bruce are hosting a MASSIVE 2-Day LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP from Denver, Colorado. They’re calling it: CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION.

It's an incredible
14 HOURS of content spread across TWO FULL DAYS, LIVE-STREAMED straight to your computer or smartphone.

And the best part is: If you can’t make the 2-Day live-stream event because of the timezone difference, or your existing schedule, you’ll have
complete, ON-DEMAND access to the recordings for a FULL YEARallowing you to watch the event as many times as you like.

What can you expect to learn? 

Gregg Braden will explore the process of Becoming The NEW Human, and how We can transition from Evolution By Chance to Transformation by Choice.

And Dr. Bruce Lipton will cover The Science of Personal and Global Transformation, and the ways we can not only survive, but THRIVE in a World of Change.

But in this MASSIVE 2-DAY EVENT, they’ll cover SO MUCH MORE mind-blowing information than just that.

Information like:

- The groundbreaking science on conscious evolution - how you take control of your own life and transform your reality around you into the life of your dreams…
- The power of merging cutting edge science and ancient wisdom to open our eyes to the interconnected cosmic consciousness of our mind, our bodies, and our spirit…
- The hidden secrets of epigenetics and the biology of belief itself - how your very thoughts shape reality to determine your ultimate destiny…
- The deep truth of our human origins - the literal messages coded into our DNA which reveal the secrets of our past and the limitless possibilities of our future…
- 3 scientifically proven techniques to awaken your divine human potential and allow you to ignite your super immune system, access powerful states of deep-intuition, and Awaken the possibility for increased longevity… all on demand!
- The innate strength of connecting with a community to create a harmonious resonant chain reaction of positive change, collective evolution, and a brighter future for everyone…
- The practical tools anyone — even those who’ve given up all hope — can use to induce radical personal transformation or even change the world!

… and so much more that we couldn’t cover it here if we tried.

This event is the collective distillation of YEARS of intense study, focus, and effort to understand the cosmic forces that shape our destinies. 

All you have to do to get started is click the button below.

Keep in mind though, that this offer won’t last forever and 
enrollment only lasts for a limited time so don’t miss out! Not having access to this information is like leaving your future to random chance instead of controlling your own destiny.

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What practices or beliefs do you engage in that help you harness positive emotions to influence your personal growth, and how have these practices shaped your journey so far?

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