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Let The World's Most Passionate Teachers Help You Connect to Your Inner Self

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information. Our society is so fast paced and filled with distractions that it's hard to find the time and space to reflect, self-evaluate or simply be in touch with our inner self.

The Awakening University brings together some of the best teachers, speakers, tools and methods from all over the world to provide an immersive experience that will help you connect with your inner self in remarkable ways!

Our diverse array of passionate contributors are dedicated to helping people like you find peace and clarity with the deepest questions in life.

At The Awakening University, we believe everyone has a unique purpose in life and by learning how to connect with your inner self, you can live each day with more passion, inspiration and freedom than ever before!

🎬FREE Webinar: Stargate Egypt - A Doorway To The Stars?

What If a 5,000 Year Old Science Discovered In The Temples of Ancient Egypt Holds the SECRETS to Human Ascension, and Can Help You TRANSFORM Your Life In Ways You Never Thought Possible?

In this free webinar you will explore:

⭐ Ancient Egypt & the Light Body Teachings
⭐ The Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools & Secrets
⭐ Advanced Scientific Principles from Ancient Times
⭐ Egyptian Arks of the Millions of Years
⭐ What the Ancients Knew About Wormholes and Physics

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