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Free Q&A

An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret - The Biggest Lie in History is about to be Shattered.

Watch the FREE and important Q&A session with Steven M Greer, which will give you a higher and spiritually empowered perspective of E.T. Disclosure. His newly released crowd-funded movie “Unacknowledged” hit the #1 spot on Apple Trailers and was one of the most pre-ordered movies on iTunes. That is EVIDENCE enough that PEOPLE are engaged more than ever in finding out WHAT’S “beyond” the horizon.

Click Here To Join The Cosmic Awakening RetreatYou Are Living The TRUE Man's Show...

We’re closing registrations for you to participate in the immersive and transformational 6-hour Cosmic Awakening Retreat with Steven M. Greer on Friday, August 25th, 2017. 

The curtain will be dropped, unveiling how illegal secret projects have stagnated our evolution and prevented us from becoming a thriving cosmic civilization and exploring our true COSMIC NATURE.

Presented By Dr. Steven M Greer.

Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI).

This Cosmic Awakening Retreat Will Make You Question The World You Live In, and Wake Up To WHO YOU ARE!

Click Here To Join The Cosmic Awakening Retreat(Closing on Friday, August 25th)

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