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ben-pngMy name is BenArion, and I’m the founder of the Awakening University... it’s your universe of knowledge and a community for personal and spiritual growth & alternative non-mainstream education.

I remember it as though it were yesterday. It was back in 2012, and I had my meditation in the afternoon. During those 20 short minutes, I got an urge and strong feeling to travel to California, which is quite far away from Sweden =) I love those moments, when you just KNOW what to do, without really knowing the WHY!

I take those “soul nudgings” really seriously... and act upon them... knowing it’s part of a bigger “purpose”.

Have you felt that way at any time?

The reason this idea came to “mind” was because I helped promote an event called “Cosmic Reunion 2012” on my website...

“Why not travel there and be a part of it too?”

And I’m glad I did, because I met amazing people, giving me the inspiration to take everything I do to the next level.

I met Darryl Anka (Bashar), Cynthia Crawford and many others, and a network of people with knowledge I wanted to “package” and spread to a wider public. This was the birth of “The Awakening University – Your Universe Of Knowledge”.

Little did I know how it would affect my “future” and what a huge impact it would have on thousands of other people.

Welcome on board,

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